About Us

Our Vision & Mission

We envision a greener tomorrow

A social enterprise platform with opportunities to achieve sustainable and wholistic wellbeing of all the stakeholders.

Championing a mission of innovation

To create a platform for the artisans, primary producers, farmers to learn, upskill and market their products worldwide through a well established and technology backed supply chain system.

To create an enabling ecosystem for the artisans, primary producers, farmers communities to identify their skills, resources and connect with the larger market & community to bank upon their resources.

A strong IT backed value chain system which will address grass root coordination, skill upgradation, technology upgradation, design input, RM source support, quality improvement & monitoring, logistics and market reach.

Counsel & Execution

Nurturing responsible choices with ESG wisdom

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) is a framework used to assess an organization's business practices and performance on various sustainability and ethical issues.

While sustainability, ethics and corporate governance are generally considered to be non-financial performance indicators, the role of an ESG program is to ensure accountability and the implementation of systems and processes to manage a company's impact, such as its carbon footprint and how it treats employees, suppliers and other stakeholders.

ESG initiatives also contribute to broader business sustainability efforts that aim to position companies for long-term success based on responsible corporate management and business strategies

Join us

In making eco-friendly choices the new standard

We strongly believe that all the resources in this planet is to improve the lives of people on it and meant for a harmonious living with all other creatures in it, including animals & plants.

Uphold strives to contribute to the better living of the people in a planet sustainable manner by creating innovative products, services and projects, thus contributing to a thriving community of people and a sustaining planet.

Our team

Crafting sustainable legacies with expertise

Uphold Earth has its core team with more than 15 years of experience in promoting planet and people-based initiatives and sustainability ventures in areas like sustainability-based value chain development, sustainable raw materials development and innovations, community-based projects, community driven value chains, sustainable products design and promotion, community-based Institutions development etc.

Some of the core area strengths are in bamboo and other natural fibers-based value chain development, end to end solutions in sustainable and natural materials supply chain, conceptualization, design and implementation of community and sustainability-based projects etc.

Eco revolution

Eco-Revolution weaves a greener and brighter future

The work of UEE has impacted people and planet positively since its inception. The Innovative environment friendly & recycled fabrics has helped in replacement of more than a Million plastic bags, thus playing a significant role in reduction of carbon footprint.

In people front, UEE was instrumental in upskilling & technology upgradation support as well as livelihood support for more than 300 artisans & women.

The founder & partners were instrumental in upskilling and livelihood development of thousands of women and artisans in eastern India, including Jharkhand, Assam, Bihar, Odisha and West Bengal. Their innovative efforts in development of environment friendly alternative materials & products in Bamboo, water hyacinth etc has positively impacted the life of producers as well as consumers.

Our Products


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We accept returns for freshly purchased products within 7 days from the payment.

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